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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 24, 2013 12:35am-1:05am EDT

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we're learning that al-shabab is arabic for the youth. we have a lot to learn about the militants, how they are influenced by al qaeda and how they recruit people from all over. we should get more information in coming days. here is lindsay davis from nairobi with the very latest on the terror attack. >> more than 48 hours after the stand off began, intense gunfire and loud explosions filled the air this afternoon just outside the west gate mall in nairobi. as journalists and crowds of onlookers sprinted for covers, police closed in on the attackers, reportedly gaining access through the roof. >> i'm not sure if you can hear but we are hearing heavy gunfire. if you look over this building
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right here in the direction of the mall you can see the dark billowing smoke in the midst of the periods of intermy teriodnt gunfire. there are 80 stores, a super market and movie theater. some of those arrested were reportedly detained at the airport. the magnitude of the tragedy is still singeing in. at least 62 people have been killed. 175 wounded. the list of the dead reflects the indiscriminate murder spree. the nephew of kenyan president. >> my nephew and his fiance are among those who were killed in the attack.
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>> a dutch malaria specialist eight and a half months pregnant and her fiance. it all started around noon. two groups of gunmen dressed in all black stormed the mall entrance, throwing grenades and opening fire with automatic weapons that sent shoppers and employees running for their lives. >> they were shooting at targets. it was pop pop pop. and then silence. >> do you mind showing us your injuries here? >> near the main entrance, arnold was working at a gourmet burger bar when the shooting began. >> i was covered with things on my face. i feel like i'm dead. >> american nick handler was separated from his pregnant wife
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when the shooting began. he rushed to find an exit, carrying his daughter in his arms. >> all of the sudden i heard a loud explosion followed by two gunshots. i immediately grabbed her and luckily i was right by a door and was able to sprint out. >> the stand-off continued throughout the weekend and well into monday. with many people scrambling through shop aisles or hiding in place as police tried to guide civilians to safety, all the while repelling the attackers. as the gunmen fanned throughout the mall, special forces stormed the complex evacuating more than a thousand panicked shoppers and employees, some with their hands in the air. the wounded were carried to safety, even wheeled out in shopping carts. it wouldn't be long before kenya's government was calling the attack an act of terrorism.
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the al qaeda linked group, al-shabab taking responsibility. this has gone from a local group in somalia to one of al qaeda's strongest affiliates. >> they were successful in conducting terrorist attacks outside of somalia. >> the group claims the attack was retaliation for the involvement of kenyan forces. kenyan forces joined multinational forces in chasing al-shabab from power. the group has increasingly set its sights on soft targets. and al-shabab has been the most effective in attracting americans to their cause. >> it can be easily copied by people inside the united states. >> u.s. officials estimate that as many as 50 americans have been recruited over the last six years with more than half traced
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back to minnesota's growing somalia counity. this recruiting video was posted online with three young men from minneapolis who have since died as martyrs. >> if you only know how much fun we have over here, this is the real disney land. >> one of al-shabab's most visible people is from alabama. >> we want to die as martyrs. >> he became known as the rapping jihadist, recording several online propaganda videos. >> muslim pride. islam is on the rise. >> and writing what he saw has the holy war against the west. >> blow by blow, crime by crime. invasion by invasion attack by attack only going to bring sween honor back. >> but just a few weeks ago, he
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was reportedly gunned down after falling out of favor with al-shabab's leadership. he grew up in a small town in alabama, the son of a baptist schoolteacher, just like any other american kid. sports teams, prom dates. he spent time in a somalia community where he was believed to adopt a radical ideology. he rose quickly to a leadership position, recruiting others and vowing to hit targets. >> if you think about the individuals who visit a place like somalia, when they come back home, there is nothing good that can come out of this. >> i had to get to heaven. i just laid there. i didn't want to move or do anything. just waiting to die. >> tonight at the mall, you can
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still smell the smoke in the air. while officials say the fire has been contained, the search for answers continues. for night line, i'm lindsay davis in nairobi. >> despite some other reports, the fbi says they cannot confirm whether any american citizens were among the terrorist attackers. coming up next, these are not your ordinary house cats. should you be worried if one moves in next door? >> abc news "nightline" brought to you by golden corral. [ sally ] my antidepressant worked hard to help with my depression.
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you hear the words designer cat and you might picture the feline version of a labradoodle. but there is a booming market for those who want big kitties. with the kind of fierce primal urges that have them banned in several states. who would pay tens of thousands of dollars for such a pet and should you worry if they move in next door? >> reporter: there is is a new obsession clawing its way into american life. exotic cats. from designer breeds like the toiger, teddy bear soft and increasingly popular so wildcats descended from cheetahs and lions and savannas. their proud owners display them all over youtube but these
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exotic cats can be controversial and some say the aggressive ones can kill. kitties that can grow two to three times larger than a house cat. that crunching sound is is a pretty good sign of how closely related they are to their big cat cousins. >> i want to ask everybody to stay three feet away from the cages. >> this is the founder of big cat rescue. >> he is kind of cute. >> he is part bob cat. we think that we know the other part. >> it's a sanctuary for cats big and small. those abandoned or abused or retired from breeding after a few minutes here, we begin to e been abandoned. he is 30 pounds of pure wild. >> how bad is this temperment? >> it's a cat that could take down a deer. your child. and they spray bucket loads of
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urine all over everything. >> spray urine? >> great pet. >> they spray urine, they eat your children. doesn't word spread that these are probably not the best animals to have your your house? >> people want to have something different. they want to have the biggest, baddest, most exotic. >> remember that crunch? they create more than is thousand pounds of pressure per square inch. compared to a human jaw which is about 100 pounds per square inch. >> this is the delicacy, raw bone in chicken necks. >> nice catch. >> are they any more dangerous? >> they are all equally dangerous. some on the more kill side than the snir side. would you prefer maiming to killing? >> i stay far enough away that i
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don't have to worry about that. >> now it's my turn. big cats, big teeth, and big cost. >> if you want up a toiger, you're going to come to me. >> hybrid cats bred to have the cute stripes in a cute package. his designs fetch as much as a car. >> this is a little girl. >> designer cats like this are so popular, there are waiting lists to get them. sometimes dozens of people deep lasting months. >> i want to introduce you to my wife diane. they came all the way from chicago to see our kitties, our toigers. >> right now there are seven sets of customers for three available kittens. the seller can afford to be picky. >> we only breed 20 to 25 cats a
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year. >> they are cute. >> among the cat's most envogue tle these days is a cross breed between a servile and a house cat. they will grow two and a half times larger than a regular house cat. last month a 25 pound savanna found roaming the streets of detroit kept residents on edge. >> last time i saw a cat that big it was in a zoo. >> it's bigger than my dog. >> that thing walking right behind us, literally. >> satly just four days later, the paper reported that the search for the savanna was over. it was found shot dead and thrown in a garbage can. once the kittens turned into wildcats, the breeter eventually
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opened the sanctuary. >> the biggest problem is what happens to the cat. if they take him to a shelter the shelter knows this animal is wild, we will never find a good home for it. >> so the tiger and lions are okay together? >> it's only because they had been raised together. they were purposely bred and put together to create ligers. >> there's that, too. the king of the cross breeds. we thought we would have to travel deep into an exotic junkle to find but but we found this one. >> you are ready. you must be one hungry dog. >> a fitting name for a kid whose father is a lion and mother a tiger. the trainer points out he has got the stripes and spots of young lions but doesn't have a mane. at 922, he has just been named
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the largest living cat. these mixes happen naturally. he doesn't use artificial insemination but they almost never happen in the wild. he defends his creation from those who think this might not fitch the natural order of things. >> hybrids have a place in present day. the real place is awe and wonder, which i hope leads to an interest in the natural world. >> those who have these hybrids consider their creations perf t perfect. for nightline in tampa. >> coming up next, how michael douglas tried to use an acceptance speech to help his imprisoned son. no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent.
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it's all about fatherhood in tonight's feed frenzy starting with the anti-cell phone rant on co-nan. looks like more than a few shared the belief that smart phones make for dumb kids. >> they don't look at people when they talk.
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when they write you're fat, they say that was fun. >> what if you really need a distraction to get through a restaurant meal or present a major award? will ferrell brought his kids on stage. >> we had a soccer game, i didn't have time to do my hair. it doesn't matter. it's great to be here. >> but a more poignant moment came when he gave a cryptic shoutout. >> i am hoping they will allow me to see him soon. >> he elaborated on the 34-year-old serving a ten year sentence. >> i am disappointed with my son but i have reached a point where i am very disappointed with the system. >> we will tune into gma in the morning to see what is happening around the world. and we're always online at a
1:01 am have a good night.
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"omg! insider," the top trending stories you need to know. ♪ >> "omg! insider" at the emmys. >> a little party never killed nobody. >> unless you're with this guy. >> our cameras backstage. >> that's a happy dance. >> technically, a little homeless. >> in the limo. >> 20 minutes late. >> and high above. >> kerry washington with ke and thea. >> catching a star squatter. >> you saw that? >> and "breaking bad" the musical. ♪ vin hen emmy fashions stolen off the runway. the best and worst. >> from $60 to $7 million. t and miley crying like a "wrecking ball" hit her life. plus, robin, j.t. and katy roars. >> i'm just going to be myself.
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now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news, "omg! insider." miley's tears to lots of laughs and surprises at the emmys it really was an epic weekend and our cameras were everywhere for it all.from >> i'm thea andrews. we have the fashion, the biggest trending moments of the night. and an inside look at the red carpet, and not a lot of time, so let's get this party started. ♪ a little party never killed nobody ♪ ♪ we're going to dance until we drop, drop, drop ♪ ♪ show me your happy dance. >> not much of a happy dance. >> oh, no, that was. >> thank you. >> kevin frazier is so happy right now. look at him. she's an incredible actress. also the best dressed woman in the world. look at her. look at that. >> he's in heaven. >> look at that.>>
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♪ keep the party cracking >> it's our insta "omg! insider" runway. >> the stars walked the walk for us and showed off those gowns on instagram. >> can we get a little shot of you on the instagram? can we get a little? >> oh, yeah, let's do it. >> listen it really is a party out here. a hot party, but it's a party. >> herat's trending now at the emmys. >> how good was this? >> this was wonderful. >> claire danes, "homeland." >> i feel very, very fortunate h and very grateful. and, yeah, going back to work tomorrow. put this on the shelf. >> this is going to make a hell of a hood ornament on your rv. >> george clooney has a private jet. tom cruise flies a jet. i drive a recreational vehicle. i'm proud to be a member of that american subculture. >> it will be epic at truck


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